Friday, February 26, 2010

Colour in Our Life

First topic that I like to share with you all is about colour. Colour is everywhere in our daily life. I can't imagine how dull and bored my life without colour. Colour can effect our life and sometimes colour is emotional, it evokes our feelings. Below is some conditions that relate to colour.

1. Hot.
-Hot refers to red in full saturation on the colour wheel; this is red at its strongest. Hot colour project outward and attract attention. Futhermore, hot colours are strong and aggressive and seem to vibrate within their own space. The power of hot colours affects people in many ways, such as increasing blood pressure and stimulating the nervous system.

2. Cold.
-Cold is fully saturated blue. At its brightest it is dominating and strong. Cold colors remind us of ice and snow. The feelings generated by cold colours are the direct opposite of those generated by hot colours; cold blue slows the metabolism and increase one's sense of calm.

3. Warm.
-All hues that contain red are warm. It is the addition of yellow to red that makes warm colour substantially different from hot colours. Warm colours, such as red-orange, orange, and yellow-orange, always contain a mixture of red and yellow in their composition and encompass a larger part of the emotional spectrum. Warm colours always represent comforting, spontaneous and welcoming.

4. Cool.
-Cool colour is based in blue. Cool colour such as turquoise blue and verdant green, are seen in nature. Like spring growth, they make us feel renewed. Soothing and calm, these hues provide a sense of depth as well as comfort. So, for whom that fell angry or exasperate I suggest to look at sky, or things that in blue colour. With that I hope it can decrease your feel.

5. Bright.
-The clarity of bright colours is achieved by the omission of gray or black. Blues, reds, yellows, and oranges are colours in full brightness. Brigh colours are vivid and attract attention. A yellow school bus, a bunch of coloured balloons, a red of clown's nose, never go unnoticed. Exhilarating and cheerful, bright colours are perfect for use in packaging, fashion and advertising to attract people.

6. Welcoming.
-Colour combinations using yellow-orange or amber are the most welcoming. A monochromatic colour scheme of saffron used with white is one of classic beauty and is very inviting. This hue can be used in a variety of applications that call for creamy tints to express festive and cordial environments.

7. Romantic.
-Pink suggest romance. Pink is white added to red in varying amounts and is the lightened value of red. Like red, pink arouses interest and excitement, but in a softer, quieter way. A
romantic colour scheme using pastel tints of pink, lavender, and peach will read as gentle and tender. I guess that's the reason why many couple like to give their partner pink rose to show how romantic they are.

8. Magical.
-Elements of surprise and magic are often associated with violet. By itself, violet conveys its own unpredictable personality. With its secondary partners, orange and green, violet in any tint or shade becomes part of an exciting team, which is slightly offbeat. In fashion, it is considered an immature colour and is used to bridge the gap between child and adult.

9. Professional.
-In the world of the business professional, colour is evaluated with scrutiny. In fashion, the word "professional" has come to mean grays and tonal blacks because these colours lack personal characteristics and truly neutral. Gray is unexciting but practical. It sends a sober message, with a minimum of humor.

10. Fresh.
-Possessing equal amounts of blue and yellow, green suggests health and prosperity. Although weak in it's softest tints, green, a recessive hue, only needs to be combined with small amounts of its strong compliment, red, to increase it's vitality. Like newly mowed grass on a clear days, sky blue and green always look fresh and natural together.

11. Tropical.
-Tropical hues on the colour wheel always include turquoise. Staying with the lightest tints of the blue-green family will increase the feeling and message of tranquility. Like flowers in nature, these colour schemes enhance any setting and create a serene and stress-free feeling. So, when we fell stress in our work or study try to take time and go some place that have many trees.

12. Dependable.
-One of the most widely accepted hues is navy blue. Combinations using this colour are interpreted as dependable and reliable. They also carry an undeniable and reliable. They also carry an undeniable message of authority. Police officers, naval officers, and court officers wear colour combinations that include deep, secure navy blue in order to command authority through their appearance.

13. Classic.
-Classic colour combinations are indicative of strength and authority. Intense royal blue is the centerpiece of any classic grouping of colours. It stands out, even when combined with other hues. Classic combinations imply truth, responsibility, and trust. Because of its proximity to green, royal blue evokes a sense of continuity, stability and strength.

So, with all information that I share with you all I hope it will useful. All the information above I took from book 'Color Harmony 2' by Bride M. Whelan that I borrow from my college library and then I change it in my own word.

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