Friday, March 12, 2010

My spirit

In this post I like to write about shoes. I addicted to shoes because for me it unique and sometime it can present our self. As we see in this future, shoes is not something that difficult to get. For example, famous brand that sell shoes is VINCCI, NIKE, NOSE, ADIDAS and many more. Several type of shoes are ankle boot, summer sandle, flat or skimmer, heel shoes, wedge shoes, athletic shoes, and slippers.

We can use heel shoes to go to function like dinner and it not suitable for wear it if we need to walk in the long period. This because of the biggest problem with high heeled shoes is that they are often hard to walk in, even with practise. They tend to focus the entire weight of the body onto the heels which makes balancing a lot more difficult. This also puts more of a strain on the legs and ankles and can result in aching muscles and sprains. Not to mention that they often become painful after a few hours or wearing and need to be removed due to rubbing on the foot. But, when I wear a heel shoes it increase my confident to walk and posture of body. In addition, leg also look more sexy.

Wedge shoes has unique quality. Even though it high, but it comfort to wear compare to heel shoes. It seem look like with heel shoes. For whom like to walk the best shoes is sandle or flat shoes. It not stylish or popular like heeled or wedge shoes but it has quality that heeled and wedge shoes will never beat. So, if u want to look stylish even u wear flat shoes u must make sure pick the fashionable colour.

For sport shoes, every single sport need different design of shoes. For example footballer need shoes that give motion of the foot, making it superbly flexible and supple which is very important that relies on your speed and quick turning. For squash sport, the shoes that player need is shoes that is cushioned and very responsive to get best game.

So, that is the several information that I can share with you all. Wear whatever you want or like. Sometimes it maybe not comfortable but it nice and maybe it not nice but comfortable. For me, I will choose nice rather than comfortable. :-)

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