Friday, April 2, 2010

Sarong Weaver

Sarong is a tubular piece of cloth that is wrapped, twisted or tied in various ways. It can be worn in many ways although the function of a sarong is as kilt for men or skirt for women. It also has multiple other uses, not least creating a sling to carry the baby.

The type of fabric and design of a sarong usually represents its region of origin. Some are made from silk and feature attractive embroidered designs or beading patterns, others from simple cotton.

Some local designers incorporate traditional of sarong textile patterns into more modern-looking clothing. The sarong is an essential part of the dress at traditional weddings or official events within traditional kingdoms or sultanates.

They are also worn by Muslim men at prayer. Nowadays, most sarongs are mass-produced by machine, but hand-woven pieces, traditionally made by women, still exist and are often regarded as works of art. Generally, the more complex the pattern the higher the price a given piece will fetch.

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